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How to Get Promoted?
There is no single achievement that will get you
promoted. Soldiers must be the best in all areas of
performance in order to make the cut off scores.

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TOTAL MAXIMUM POINTS: 260 for Promotion to SGT and 280 for Promotion to SSG

Points for Correspondence Courses
Military correspondence courses and computer-based training provided through ATRRS Self-development or Army
e-Learning ( Soldiers will be granted promotion points upon completion of the full course of
instruction. No points will be awarded for sub-course completion. The goal is to finish, in its entirety, a formal course of
instruction, at which time the Soldier will be granted promotion points.

Promotion points are not granted for duplicate military correspondence and military education courses (for example,
Soldier attends Combat Lifesaver Course and completes the Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP) Combat
Lifesaver Course. In this instance, the Soldier receives points based on the ACCP course completion (1 promotion point
for every 5 hours of  correspondence credit).

Question: Is there a max number of points a Soldier can earn for ACCP?

Answer: The maximum number of points is only restricted to the total points that can be potentially earned in the overall
category. Computation of promotion points is a simple mathematical computation.  For example, a Soldier completes
three ACCP course consisting of 40 hours, 165 hours and 228 hours.  Add the total hours completed (40+165+228=433
hours), then divide by 5 (433/5=86.6), then drop any decimal points.  In this example the Soldier is awarded 86 promotion
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