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The Sergeants Major Course builds on the students core competency area, (Background) coupled with the in-depth
instruction in Organizational Leadership, Planning, Joint Functions and Decision Making to produce an able, flexible,
leader poised to be the right Soldier at the right time.

Course Description
Instruction develops student critical reasoning/creative thinking and decision making ability, character, self-expression,
and teamwork.

The SMC is oriented primarily on developing logical, practical, and original reasoning ability in military problem solving.
The student must also analyze problems based on available information; arrive at logical solutions or decisions with
reasonable speed; communicate reasoning and decisions orally and in writing; and supervise and ensure proper

Developing intellectual honesty, integrity, and professional values and standards is important. Curriculum includes
self-awareness of the international strategic environment; applicability of critical reasoning; leader assessment and
development. Role of the media and culture in the contemporary operational environment; the impact of threats,
challenges, and opportunities in the international security environment; strategic courses of action that integrate the
instruments of national power. Linkage between national strategic policy and guidance and outcomes at the tactical level
of war; capabilities, roles and missions of the joint forces contribution to the military instrument of national power. Task
force operational planning process; complex operational problems and solutions.

The Purpose of the SGM Academy
To move master sergeants and sergeants major from a tactical level of thinking to an operational and strategic
perspective, with Warrior Ethos and war fighting focus for leadership positions in the Army, Joint, Interagency,
Intergovernmental and Multinational (JIIM) organizations executing full-spectrum operations. To develop Maneuver, Fires,
and Effects abilities.

Develop sergeants major with a war fighting focus for battalion and brigade command capable of conducting full-spectrum
operations in JIIM environments, and who have the requisite competencies to serve successfully as division through
echelons-above-corps (EAC) staff sergeants majors.

To further develop military professionals adept at making repetitive discretionary judgments; skilled in problem solving
under lethal, volatile, ambiguous, complicated, and uncertain circumstances within the spectrum of conflict in JIIM
operations; prepare sergeants major to serve on battle staffs of operational level headquarters; lead missions assigned
to battalion and brigade -size units; and, develop the professional skills and competencies required of senior leaders.

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