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The Training NCO is responsible for military training by devising and implementing training plans, guidelines and
procedures, reports and assessments for the unit and individuals assigned.  Ensures that training is conducted in
accordance with Army training doctrine.  Prepares training guidelines, individual training records, operation orders,
mobilization plans, SOP’s, and readiness reports.  Prepares for unit yearly training workshop to develop yearly training
plan with unit leadership.  Prepares for monthly unit training meetings.  Prepares training schedules and plans for
approval of commander and higher headquarters.  Maintains training guidance and documents as required by higher
headquarters.  Prepares training and evaluation outlines and lesson plans.  Prepares automated requests for orders.  
Prepares correspondence for approval by commander or higher level supervisor.  As required, completes training
expenditure forecasts.  Coordinates training programs for the unit to include the scheduling of training areas, obtaining
equipment and other materials required for testing of personnel and training scorer/evaluators or test officers.  Procures,
designs, reproduces, and distributes a variety of training aids, map overlays, and transparencies that are necessary to
unit personnel for the efficient operation and training of the unit.

The Training NCO requests, allocates, and monitors the usage of training ammunition for the unit.  Ensures ammunition
requests are submitted and fully justified and in-keeping with authorization and issuance of ammunition.  Forwards unit’s
request for training ammunition.

The Training NCO manages the military schools program of the unit.  Coordinates with higher headquarters to obtain
quotas for personnel to attend schools (Service, NCO, Special, etc.).  Manages use of school quotas, training support
and other training resources as allocated to the unit.  Prepares and forwards requests for training for all unit members
ensuring applicants are eligible to attend the school requested and all prerequisites have been met.  Prepares or
requests the appropriate personnel actions (e.g. ASI or MOS award) upon completion of required training and other

The Training NCO coordinates, schedules, and monitors the use of training facilities, areas and ranges for annual and
inactive duty training.  Makes recommendations regarding training facilities best suited to the unit in achieving its goals
and objectives.  Initiates requests for equipment training support to higher, adjacent, and other military commands to
support unit training objectives.  As directed, operates and maintains indoor firing range facility.  Develops the unit
Mission Essential Task List (METL) and provides input for the yearly training plan.  Assembles and maintains statistics on
weapons qualification, crew qualifications/table certifications, Army Physical Fitness Test, weight control, Common Task
Testing, Military Occupational Skill Qualification and other critical data as required.  Trains unit leaders on how to
maintain leader books and other training material as directed by the command.   

The Unit Training NCO assists in maintaining working relationships with local officials, clubs, etc., for a variety of such
purposes as armory security coordination with police, suitability investigations, armory rental, unit participation in
celebrations, or fund raising drives, and to provide public information about the unit activities. As required, assists in
completing supply transactions for the unit in the absence of the Supply NCO/Technician.  Requisitions, receives, stores,
issues and accounts for supplies and equipment such as rations, ammunition, fuel, clothing, office supplies, forms and
publications, communications, equipment, small arms, tool sets, vehicles, etc.  Posts, updates and maintains in current
status unit property records such as hand receipts, and equipment checklists.  Initiates reports of survey when necessary
and statements of charges for lost damaged or destroyed property.

As required, assists in completing administrative and personnel transactions for the unit.  Prepares or assists in preparing
critical personnel documents.  Prepares correspondence for the unit.  When required, prepares and submits pay
documents to higher headquarters.
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