How to Enroll in ACCP

AR 600-8-19, para 3-44a (4) states "Course completion with credit hours must be reflected in ATRRS prior to awarding
promotion points."Do NOT register for courses separately in ALMS as they will not transfer to your ATRRS Transcript or
ERB or PPW. Register for courses thru ATRRS Self Dev or Skillport. The process of enrolling in ACCP is quite simple.
Register for courses (none of the courses here are sub-courses) via the ATRRS Self Development Center

at You may search by course number or course title. If you want to browse all
available courses, click "Advanced Course Search", then select one school at a time from the School dropdown menu.
School code 553 is the ACCP School, although you may take any course from the other schools if eligible. School
code 772 is JKO. You will then be displayed the results of your search. Click on the blue hyperlinked course number to
proceed. You will need to click on the 'Register' link to logon using your CAC. DOD requirements are that CAC is
the only method of registering for courses on the ATRRS Self Development Center.

In order to register for a course, you will need to register on a computer that has a functioning CAC card reader and a
valid CAC card. Logon to AKO, Select "Quick Links", "CAC", "CAC Resource Center" for information on CAC and CAC
readers. You will be prompted to fill out your personnel information on the application. Once all field are completed you will
click on Continue, this will then prompt you for your MOS. After entering in your MOS click on Submit Application. After you
successfully submit applications thru the ATRRS Self Development Center, a confirmation email is sent to you. The email
will have a 'Class URL'. The most common are : ATIA at and ALMS at
This is the website you will go to in order to take the training. 99% of courses are now in ALMS. Caution: Do not register
for a whole slew of courses as it clogs up ALMS. Also, once you register thru ATRRS, you cannot drop the course. You
must finish it or fail it.

If you see or, they both mean the course is in ALMS. Do NOT register for courses
separately in ALMS as they will not transfer to your ATRRS Transcript or ERB. Note that ATRRS does not administer any
courseware. Once you are registered, if you have any questions or concerns regarding courses on ALMS, contact the
ALMS help desk at: 877-251-0730 or DSN 826-4745. For automated assistance

with ALMS: Go to the Army Training Help Desk (ATHD) at and Select
Ask a Question/Submit Comment tab. In the Question/Comment field: Provide your AKO username, the course number
and course title and describe your issue. Select "Army Learning Management System (ALMS)" as the category.

Select "Other" as the subcategory. Click "Continue" and then Click "Finish Submitting Question: For other courses, contact
the entity that administers the course. Don't contact ATRRS as they have no knowledge of any course materials, exams or
use of the other websites. Army e-Learning/Skillport courses also count. Registration is also at and you must register with your CAC. Once a Soldier completes a Army
e-Learning/Skillport course, it can take up to 3-5 days for the completion to be recorded in ATRRS.

Correspondence courses (those that Soldiers register for in the ATRRS Self Development Center), are usually quicker.
Once the completion for either is recorded in ATRRS, for AC Soldiers the completion automatically sent to HRC. From
there, it can take a few days and it should reflect in the ERB and then the PPW. However, the above only applies to Army
e-Learning course courses and Correspondence courses Soldiers register for in the ATRRS Self Development Center that
were completed after 22 Dec 2010. Per HRC, all Correspondence Course/ACCP/

Army e-Learning completed prior to 23 Dec 2010 needs to be entered manually on the Soldiers ERB by the S1 assuming
there is an authorized code in eMILPO. The codes are located at The codes are also seen on the ATRRS Course
Catalog at in the far right column called "Military Career Dev Crs DL" and you can see
the credit hours of each course. School Code 562 is Army e-Learning/Skillsoft. If there is no code on the course in
ATRRS, then it is not sent to HRC. S1's need to manually add Army e-Learning and ACCP on eMILPO by using the
ACCP/DL/eLearning tab on the main menu. Again, assuming the course is authorized to be on the ERB and if the course
counts for promotion points. Also, there were some glitches from between 23 Dec 2010 and today. Your S1
has to add the missing courses manually to the ERB just like courses completed prior to 23 Dec 2010 assuming there is
an authorized code in eMILPO. HRC manages which courses have codes, not ATRRS.

Checking your ATRRS: Go to and click "View Your ATRRS Training Record" or "View
Your Unofficial ATRRS Transcript" link on the left hand side of the page under the "User Tools" Menu. Logon with your
CAC. You can also check via AKO, "Self Service", "My Training". Scroll down to the "ATRRS - Student Center"
You can also go to The Training Record shows all activity,
past, present and future. The Unofficial ATRRS Transcript shows only those courses you have completed.
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