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The HRC eMILPO Branch has provided the attached list of resident courses which have eMILPO codes.  The list indicates with a Y
or N whether or not the courses are valid for promotion points.  Please check this list for resident courses before asking questions
concerning whether or not the courses are valid for points.  

Download the
valid resident course list

Question: Is there a max number of points a Soldier can earn for ACCP?

Answer: The maximum number of points is only restricted to the total points that can be potentially earned in the overall category.  
Computation of promotion points is a simple mathematical computation.  For example, a Soldier completes three ACCP course
consisting of 40 hours, 165 hours and 228 hours.  Add the total hours completed (40+165+228=433 hours), then divide by 5
(433/5=86.6), then drop any decimal points.  In this example the Soldier is awarded 86 promotion points.
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