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New Question: Will Soldiers still be integrated onto the SGT/SSG standing list via the Automatic List Integration (ALI) process?

Answer: Yes.  Effective with this change, ALI will be re-designated as Command List Integration (CLI).  Soldiers who meet the
established criteria will be integrated onto the SGT/SSG standing list and awarded 39 and 14 points respectively.  However, in order
to attain more points, Soldiers with CLI status must appear before a promotion board.

Question: Why are promotion points for command list integration (CLI) for Soldiers integrated onto the SGT promotion list  39
promotion points  and for Soldiers integrated onto the SSG promotion list,  14 promotion points?

Answer: Soldiers must have a passing APFT.  The CLI points are one point less than the lowest point on the APFT table so that we
can easily ensure all Soldiers who were boarded are promoted before a CLI promotion takes place.

Question: I received a memo from one of our BN's requesting removal from the C-10 report and CLI list.  I went on eMILPO and
tried to remove the Soldier with the Deny Promotion List Auto Integration function, but it said some functions are restricted by rank.  
How do I remove the Soldier from the C10 report?

Answer: It appears that the Soldier was already list integrated and awarded promotion points for CLI.  Once Soldiers are integrated
and in a promotable status, a removal board must be conducted to remove the Soldier from the promotion standing list, unless
conditions exists as outlined in AR 600-8-19, Para 3-26.  If on the AAA-294 report, the commander circled "no" for list integration
and the S1 failed to deny integration in eMILPO by the 10th of the month, the Soldiers points should be removed using EDAS and
this will remove them from the C10 report and the promotion standing list.

Question: A CLI Soldier was removed from the promotion standing list due to an APFT failure.  After the flag is removed, when will
the Soldier be reintegrated onto the CLI promotion standing list?

Answer: The Soldier should appear on the next report after the flag is lifted.  It is up to the Company Commander whether they will
reintegrate the Soldier circling “YES” or circling “NO” on the AAA-294.  Soldiers must be counseled when not recommended.

Question: Do CLI Soldiers have to appear before the promotion board before they can add promotion points?

Answer: Yes, in order to add promotion points, CLI Soldiers must appear before a promotion board.
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