MILPER Message 11-084 Change to the Enlisted Promotion Points System AS OF 15 March 2011
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This message provides procedural guidance for the new semi-centralized promotions system that will be implemented on 1 June
2011. It applies to all active component (ac) and U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers. The usar
(will adopt the new semi-centralized promotion system and policy on 1 June 2011. However, they will execute a manual process
until automated support becomes available. Promotion scores will be displayed on an approved modified DA 3355 (promotion
point worksheet (United States Army Reserve). It does not apply to Army National Guard (ARNG) Soldiers.

The Following Are Key Dates for the upcoming changes:

(1) 7 March - 8 May 2011 - The S1 And Unit Human Resource (HR) Specialist Will Assist Soldiers With Updating Their Personnel
And Training Records Through ATRRS And EMILPO. All Promotable SPC And Sgt Records Must Be Updated By 8 May 2011 To
Ensure Timely Data Accuracy Before Promotion Selections Are Released For 1 June 2011.

(2) 5 April 2011 (2359Hrs Est) – Last Day To Validate Promotion Scores For 1 May 2011 Promotion Selection In The
Current Semi-Centralized Promotion System. Results From All Promotion Boards Must Be Entered Into The System
By 2 April 2011 To Allow Systems To Update To The DA Form 3355.

(3) 6 April 2011 (0001Hrs Est) – Access To The DA Form 3355 System Will Be Shut off.

(4) 20 April – 8 May 2011 – Conduct Promotion Boards Using The Revised Semi-Centralized System (Yes/no Vote).

(5) 2 May 2011 – The Automated PPW System Will Go Live.

(6) 2 - 8 May 2011 – The S1 Will Review The Automated PPW And Verify Accuracy Of Promotion Scores For Promotable SPC
And SGTs.

5. Brigade/battalion S1 And Unit Hr Specialist Responsibilities:

A. Effective Immediately - Assist Soldiers With Updating Their Personnel And Training Records,.

B. Effective Immediately - Update Soldiers Record (Overseas Tour Data To Show Combat Experience, Weapons
Qualification, Physical Fitness, Military Awards And Decorations (Awards, Badges And COA), Military Education,
Academic Achievements For NCOES, Completed Correspondence Courses, Distance Learning, And E-Learning,
Civilian Education, Technical Certifications. Ensure Soldiers Who Are Airborne Qualified And Receiving Hazardous
Duty Pay Are Properly Slotted Or They Will Not Get Airborne Advantage Points. Ensure Those Soldiers With A Valid
Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) And Proficiency Of 1/1 Date Has Not Exceeded More Than One Year.

C. Each Month There Will Be A Requirement To Audit 5% Of Promotion Selectees For The Current Promotion Month,
Effective 2 May 2011. The PPW System Will Produce An Audit Report By UIC For Processing.

D. Integrate SPC And SGTs Onto The Headquarters Department Of The Army (HQDA) Promotion List Through The
Ppw System, Effective 2 May 2011. E. Remove SPC And SGTs From The Headquarters Department Of The Army
(HQDA) Promotion List Through The PPW System, Effective 2 May 2011. F. Effective Immediately - Provide A Copy Of
The Promotion Board Proceedings To All Promotable Soldiers After Approved By The Promotion Authority.

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